At Royal Flesh Tattoo and Piercing its all about ART!

We want you to walk out feeling proud of the art you added to your body.

Our Top Chicago Tattoo Artists are highly sought out for their UNIQUE approach and the EXPERIENCE they create in getting inked. Our Piercing Techs are on point with everything from selection to aftercare.

Please take a look at our Artists portfolio and get to know their unique styles and specialties!

Expect to be treated as ROYALTY at Royal Flesh Tattoo and Piercing!

  • Jake


    "The ULTIMATE satisfaction for an Artist is a Client that is happy with your Work" Since moving my tattoo career to Royal Flesh Tattoo of Chicago,  I'm delighted to expand my horizons as an artist and grow in a new area. Check out Jake's Tattoo Artist Spotlight Video: Read below what one of our…

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  • Angelo Tiffe

    Angelo Tiffe

    "He always wants the best for his clients… He not only wants you to love your tattoo, but to love the experience."   He always wants the best for his clients… He not only wants you to love your tattoo, but to love the experience.Angelo has been tattooing for 10…

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  • Louis Barak

    Louis Barak

    "I’m in a constant state of learning and progression, in order to better myself as an artist. Bottom line, my modus operandi is to do a kick ass tattoo/work of art, all while having fun doing it!" I put everything I have into every tattoo I do, to ensure my…

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  • Joe Fryday

    Joe Fryday

    "I have been fascinated with art and tattoos since I was young." My goal is to collaborate and design a unique custom tattoo for every client. Watch the video below... Read What Others Are Saying About RF Tattoo Specialist Joe Fryday:

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  • Joshua Clay

    Joshua Clay

    "I’ve always deeply admired Tattooing, the commitment, the craftsmanship, the collaborative process of it, but it wasn’t until I had honed my artistic talents that I felt I was ready to try my hand at Professional Tattooing." For the last 10 years I’ve created artwork for bands like Linkin Park,…

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  • Lucian Tatar

    Lucian Tatar

    "I am a tattoo artist from Romania, specialized in photorealistic tattoos - portraits, family photos, paintings, movie scenes..." I enjoy tattooing in both color & black-grey, adding personality and uniqueness to each of my tattoos "  

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