Incredible Opprotunity For A Few Special Artists

If you are a tattoo professional/artist who lives near Chicago and has Ambitions to Work with Chicago's Fastest Growing Tattoo Shop - Read On!

Royal Flesh is not only aggressive in acquiring customers for it's artists but we create an environment with many UNIQUE Income & Earning possibilities for those working with us to keep our shop #1 in Chicago.

Another advantage our Tattoo Team experiences is the studio isĀ  well placed in the heart of the city near Wrigley Field and brings people into the studio from literally all over the world, we are no doubt a busy shop!

Lots of drive by and walk by traffic as well.

Not only that, but Royal Flesh Tattoo and Piercing hosts a wide variety of arts shows and other events that bring many new people to the shop which means new customer and also just a cool environment to work in.

We are very particular in choosing the artists that we work with but we also take pride in making sure that are artists are fully supplied and whatever else we can do to make their job run smoothly we do! We are serious about our tattoo shops being the best in Chicago and artists earning top dollar.

IF you are a tattoo artist looking for work and meet the below criteria please read on:

  1. Proof of Work. You must be a professional and have examples of work you have done. 3-5 years of experience is our standard.
  2. Be familiar with Tattoo standards.
  3. Client Network- we prefer to work with artists that bring a network of clients to our shop. We feel this is fair as we will bring our artists a ton of clients through our aggressive marketing of the shop.
  4. But be able to work by appointment. meaning you must have a somewhat flexible schedule.
  5. Must work well with others. We have a team environment. We keep it that way and the client list keeps getting longer.
  6. You must be comfortable following a organized system of following up on the clients we give you. Let's face it, follow up, setting the updates and check in calls is 90% of the business in a tattoo shop. This is a non negotiable.

To schedule a portfolio review and interview if you meet the above criteria please fill out the form below...Thank you for your interest and we look forward to talking to you soon.

Nick Maiella ~ Owner Operator