At Royal Flesh Tattoo & Piercing it’s all about the ART!

We want you to walk out feeling proud of the art you added to your body.

Our Top Chicago Tattoo Artists are highly sought out for their UNIQUE approach and the EXPERIENCE they create in getting inked. Take a look at our Artist’s portfolios by clicking on their portraits below…. and get to know their unique styles & specialties!


Angelo has been tattooing for 10 years, and has won multiple awards for both color and black-and-grey.

* Angelo’s Instagram


Since moving my tattoo career to Royal Flesh Tattoo of Chicago,  I’m delighted to expand my horizons as an artist and grow in a new area.

* Jake’s Instagram


I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Art specializing in Life Drawing and I have found tattooing to be my medium of choice.

* Rick’s Instagram


I aim to keep moving forward with my art/tattoos and making sure every client leaves more than satisfied with their tattoo experience.   I am a well rounded artist that can do a bunch of different styles, from color traditional to black and grey realism. 

* Matt’s Instagram


All of Javier’s new work is available on his Instagram tattoo portfolio.

* Javier’s Instagram