Finding a tattoo Shop in Chicago-Dina Speaks Out

Getting a tattoo in Chicago.

Ever had a tattoo that you just didn't like anymore? That is what Chicago martial arts instructor Dina was feeling about a poor quality tattoo she got  when she was 18. See the impact of getting a professional quality cover up tattoo and how it made Dina feel completely different about her self.

If you have some old ink that you just can't stand to look at it anymore, why live with that? Do something about it and you will feel proud of the way your new cover tattoo looks and that will make you feel great!

Dina talks about her experience with Royal Flesh Tattoo and Piercing. Watch the video now...

 Look at these Stunning Before & After photos

Tattoo cover up before


Finding A Tattoo shop-after


Don't wait 20 years to make a tattoo you hate to a tattoo you love! It's your body and it's important on how you feel about how it looks, right?  Call Royal Flesh now!

What have you got to lose. It's easy getting a tattoo in Chicago. Getting the RIGHT tattoo is a different story! Send us a picture of your old tattoo and we will give you some great ideas and work miracles with even the worst tattoos. Its easy! Let's get started today.

About Dina:

Dina is a kickboxing instructor and co owner of Victory Martial Arts academies with 7 Illinois locations. She spends her time teaching Self Defense & kickboxing and holds a 4th degree Black Belt.

For more info on Chicago Martial Arts classes:

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