Choosing a Parlor

How to choose the Top Tattoo Parlors in Chicago

Hey guys, this is Nick and I am here to give you few tips in choosing a tattoo shop.

Top Rated Chicago tattoo parlors

Voted Top Rated Chicago tattoo parlors

Tattoo artist do all different style in tattooing. So if you want to portrait tattoo don’t go to the traditional tattoo artist.

Make sure you research the artist and make sure you are going to tattoo artist who does the style of the tattoo you want.

And if you are not sure what you want, look to the artist portfolio, pick an art you love their style and then you know no matter what they draw for you, you’re going to love it.

One of the absolute and most important things when going to tattoo shop is making sure it’s clean. Tattoo artist need to be license, they need to have blood work packages and techniques, they need to be trained. You don’t want to go to the shop that is low organized and that people care about cleanliness.

Word of Mouth is everything when it comes to the tattoo shop. When you go the shop, ask the people who got their tattoo there. See a friend got a tattoo there. You know go online, look at the reviews of the shop. What people have to say about it may influence your decision.

Customer service is key when picking a tattoo shop. You don’t want to walk in the tattoo shop and be treated you rudely. You are going to be put through pain, you want your artist to be nice and kind to you and feel bad that they are putting you through pain. Not make fun of you. Also, you want to be weary of the tattoo shop that is giving out tattoo specials. Ok, you get what you pay for. Most likely if that tattoo shop is running a 30$ tattoo special you are not going to be too happy of what you have end up with.

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