Guest artist: Kaine Magdalen

Why Are So Many People Talking About Portrait Tattoo Artist Kaine Magdalen?

Kaine's been interested in art for as long as he can remember. He's been tattooing since 2008, primarily in Cincinnati.

Although most noted for his Portrait Work, much of his focus has been in black and grey realism and surrealism - but he enjoys all tattoos.

When not drawing or tattooing he finds himself wrapped up in all manner of nerdy things.

Want Kaine To Work on your Next Tattoo in Mind?

If you would like to setup a Tattoo appointment or FREE Design Consultation with Kaine, fill-out a contact form and He will contact you promptly.

Check out some of his work below or on Kaine's Instagram.


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IMG_20160630_144837 IMG_20170302_123050_149
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